Smart meter- enabled predictive energy intelligence and AI for Europe’s next generation of "new energy" providers

For nearly three decades, Europe has been at the forefront of energy deregulation. With many of its energy markets now fully liberalised, and retail energy choice flourishing, a new set of challenges are now emerging.
Regulatory and statutory goals around decarbonisation, electrification of heat and transport and decentralisation of the power grid are demanding new levels of innovation from every part of the energy value chain.
At the heart of this innovation will be new digital technologies that integrate the rapidly changing needs of tomorrow’s energy customers with the myriad of new energy options and technologies in play now and on the horizon. 

Tomorrow’s Digital Utility 

Tomorrow’s digital utility will be one that harnesses the power of customer energy intelligence and AI to transform the energy value chain from the bottom up-streamlining and replacing yesterday’s retail energy operating model with a refreshingly simple one that radically lowers cost and fully personalises the customer energy experience. 

Built on Smart Meter Intelligence

Innowatts believes that customers should be at the centre of energy innovation. With nearly a billion smart meters installed globally, and accelerated deployments occurring across Europe, Energy providers will soon have more data on their customers’ consumption than ever before. The key will be translating that data into actionable insights and using that unlock new sources of innovation and value for energy providers and their customers.

eUtility™ -one Platform for your Digitalisation Journey

Innowatts eUtility™ powers your digitalisation journey with a new breed of energy analytics, built on machine learning from over 22 million smart metered customers worldwide. Using disaggregated energy intelligence and predictive profiles prepared for each smart metered customer, eUtility™ delivers the foundation for transforming every area of the energy value chain.

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